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Uk Election17: Four Startling Truths Behind The ‘news’
By The Slog on Friday Apr 28 2017 02:22
An Old Jewish Joke
By The Tap Blog on Thursday Apr 27 2017 23:26
Black Women’s Defence League Saves the Day
By The Tap Blog on Thursday Apr 27 2017 21:18

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"We choose to… do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard." (2)

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End of the world news

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Out For The Count

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GDP up 2.1% on the year

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The Metropolitan Police and security services did a fantastic job in Westminster yesterday

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Desperately underpaid paramedic tells Theresa May: “I’ve seen things no one should have to witness”

Daily Mail on top form

Brexit: A Few Thoughts

Uk Election17: Four Startling Truths Behind The ‘news’

The pound rises

An Old Jewish Joke

Shakespeare’s England – thoughts for England’s day, and the celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday.

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